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Re: CELSYS, Inc. Opens the Global Website of "QUMARION(TM)", a Human..

Datum nieuwsfeit: 02-07-2012
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Bron: Business Wire
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Re: CELSYS, Inc. Opens the Global Website of "QUMARION(TM)", a Human..

July 02, 2012 01:20 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Re: CELSYS, Inc. Opens the Global Website of "QUMARION(TM)", a Humanoid Input Device, as a Driving Force into Overseas Market

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Celsys is proud to inform you that we have opened the English website of "QUMARION(TM)", a humanoid input device, on June 28th. We will move forward to founding the global market base for "QUMARION(TM)".

"QUMARION(TM)", already released exclusively in the Japanese market, is a humanoid input device for 3D character configuration. We posted video clips of "QUMARION(TM)" on You Tube prior to the launch in Japan, resulting in more than 200,000 views following a lot of buzz including continuous
retweet around the world. These clips also were picked out in The Washington Post.

QUMARION(TM)'s website

We will provide product and software information of "QUMARION(TM)" and related updates on this English website, which will keep overseas customers posted on a timely manner. We hope this website will enhance the global marketing effort as a key milestone.
The release schedule in overseas markets will be noticed once all plans are set.

[ QUMARION(TM)'s main unit ]

Developed with the "QUMA" technology, "QUMARION(TM)" is a humanoid input device for 3D character configuration. It always takes a lot of time and effort and requires specialized skills to configure a 3D character on PC. The "QUMARION(TM)" provides operating circumstances with a high degree of
usability otherwise impossible only with keyboard and mouse. As a result of that, creators will be able to easily and efficiently produce images and animations with a 3D character.

"QUMARION(TM)" is smoothly designed as sexless, so it can be applied for both male and female poses embodying creators' image to the maximum extent. The joints of "QUMARION(TM)" have enough ranges to render human motions. The data of each joint is imported to PC with 120 fps and is reflected
into a 3D character in real time.

[ CELSYS, Inc. ]

CELSYS, Inc. was founded in May, 1991. We are offering a variety of creation tools including "ILLUST STUDIO" for illustration, "COMIC STUDIO" for manga, and "RETAS STUDIO" for anime. We are also managing the creator support business, which operates "CLIP" service to provide total support for
creator's activities, and the e-book support business, which provides solutions for digital book distribution to various platforms including mobile phones. Our goal is to become the total solution provider who can support creation and browse of graphical content such as manga and anime,
digital content distribution, and communication through content through innovative technologies.
(c) CELSYS, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

CELSYS,_CLIP,_QUMARION(TM),_ILLUST STUDIO,_COMIC STUDIO, and RETAS STUDIO are the trademark and the registered trademark of CELSYS, Inc.

Notice: This information is based on the released date and may be changed when you read it.

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