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Papua Lobby: objectives

Papua Lobby is the support platform for the European representative of the PDP, the Presidium of the Papuan Council and the international representative of the Dewan Adat Papua (DAP), the Indigenous Papua Council. In its international lobby-activities Papua Lobby seeks to generate support for a genuine dialogue between the Papuans and the government in Jakarta.

The turbulent developments in West Papua have created new possibilities and responsibilities for follow-up in Europe and elsewhere outside West Papua. For the first time in West Papuan history under Indonesia, the people of West Papua through a massive people's gathering (Papua People's Congress, June 2000) mandated an organizational structure with representatives from all walks of life. Besides the establishment of the political structure (PDP and the Papua Panel), many grass roots organizations have been set up over the years.

After almost 40 years of isolation, the people and organizations in West Papua are asking for a window to the world as well as a platform from which they can make their voice heard outside West Papua. Grass root and other organizations in West Papua are very eager to learn from experiences elsewhere and are in the process of establishing an international network. The Papua Presidium Council, the women's movement Solidaritas Perempuan Papua and the women's organization Yayasan Angganita as well as the Papua Indiginous Council Dewan Adat Papua (DAP) have explicitly expressed the need for a lobby center annex secretariat in Europe that can help them to fulfill their needs and realize their aspirations. Development of a strong civil society, after 40 years of oppression and neglect, is an enormous challenge for the future of West Papua. Papua Lobby wants to support this process.

Papua Lobby is unique
Especially in the Netherlands there are many organizations that focus on West Papua and are active in various fields: documentation and information, humanitarian support, human rights etc. However, Papua Lobby is unique, as it gives the people of West Papua, through its political leaders and grass roots organizations, a platform outside West Papua to promote their cause and claim ownership of their own development.

This way Papua Lobby aims to establish a new type of relationship between the so called developed world and the developing world: policy decisions remain firmly with the Papuan people, which is not always the case in international cooperation, as often the donor calls the shots, even if implicitly.

See also Papua Lobby's Annual Report 2004 in English or Dutch

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