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Background reading on
Historical myths and conflict resolution - West Papua

Foreword and guide through the various articles

The Papuan point of view:
West-Papua and the Right to Self-determination - A Challenge to Human Rights by Willy Mandowen
Why West Papua deserves another chance. The UN ballot in 1969 broke every rule for genuine self-determination by Sam Blay

The Indonesian point of view:
Irian Jaya: Historical Developments by the Indonesian Embassy in Australia
Papuans need democracy, not separatism by Adri Hadi

Analysis of Dutch foreign policy (in Dutch) by Fred Grünfeld

Papua, Integrity and Susilo's Presidency on the unwillingness of Jakarta to fully implement the Special Autonomy Law by Agus Sumule

The need to persuade U.S. House and Senate over Papua. Neles Tebay describes the relevant points in the US Congressional bill on Papua

Addressing Papua's problems. The Jakarta Post criticises the Indonesian government on Papua in an editorial

Hope and Resurrection. According to Muridan Wijojo relations between Jakarta and Papua have worsened since the fall of Suharto.

Celebrating unity - but what about diversity? Endy M. Bayuni argues that the focus of those in power in Indonesia has been far to much on unity and too little on diversity.

Conflict prevention and the rights of minorities and indigenous peoples by Chris Chapman, who analyses the reasons for the bad treatment of minority groups.

Between Jakarta and Papua. Muridan Wijojo argues for dialogue and the need for the indonesian political elite to learn to negotiate with teh leaders of Papua.

Dewan Adat Papua, an upcoming power. Evelien van den Broek argues that there is a real constituency in Papua, that should be a party in the dialogue with Jakarta.

Conflict prevention and human rights in the Pacific Islands. Craig Collins shows how in Melanesian countries the national governments can engage in dialogue with the emerging civic society in these countries

Case study Bougainville. A case study in conflict solution by Antony J. Regan, that may be an example for Papua.

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