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Who is who in Papua Lobby

Papua Lobby offers a platform for the people of West Papua abroad. The PDP, the Presidium of the Papuan Council, and the Dewan Adat Papua, the Papuan Indigenous Council, have given Viktor Kasiëpo the task of representing the PDP and the DAP in Europe and beyond.

Viktor Kaisiëpo, executive director Papua Lobby
Viktor Kaisiëpo was born in and originally from Biak, West Papua. Since 1962 he is living in exile in the Netherlands. From 1984, he has been engaged full time with advocacy work for his people and his country. Over the years he has become an expert in the field of the rights of indigenous peoples and he is invited regularly as participant and/or keynote speaker to international meetings (UN and EU). He is often approached by Dutch media, BBC-world (UK) and Radio World Service (New Zealand) for his comments on incidents and developments in West Papua.

Kaisiëpo has spent 3 years in Fiji working for the Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific, as Assistant Director on Environment at the Secretariat of NFIP: Pacific Concerns Resource Centre (1995-1998). His Pacific Network is a direct result of his work in this part of the world - the Pacific.

As the coordinator and spokesperson of the West Papuan Peoples Front (WPPF) he has been the driving force behind many activities for the West Papuan people in the Diaspora. Under his leadership the West Papuan people have been instrumental in the founding of UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization) and the International Alliance of the Indigenous and Tribal peoples of the Tropical Forest.

At the Seconds Papua Peoples' Congress (May-June 2000), he was appointed a member of the Papua Presidium Council (PDP) and PDP-representative in Europe. Since 2000 he has been in West Papua seven times for consultation and meetings and conferences with his PDP-colleagues, grass roots organizations, church organizations and foreign investors.

Viktor Kaisiëpo is a dedicated and convinced advocate of a peaceful, open and democratic dialogue with all stakeholders in West Papua.

Others active in Papua Lobby, as volunteers either in the day tot day running of the office and / or as members of the board:

Evelien van den Broek, co-ordinator of Papua Lobby

Martha Meijer, president Papua Lobby, director Humanist Committee on Human Rights

Kees van de Meiracker, member of the board of Papua Lobby, Conservator World Museum Rotterdam

Bert Ernste, secretary / treasurer Papua Lobby, journalist

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