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Datum 22 januari 1999
Kenmerk DEU-31/99
Blad /1
Betreft Kosovo

Zeer geachte Voorzitter,

Hierbij heb ik de eer U als bijlage dezes te doen toekomen de tekst van een brief van de Duitse Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken, Fischer, namens de EU aan President Milosevic. Deze brief is op 20 januari jl. 's avonds aan de autoriteiten in Belgrado overhandigd en vervolgens door het EU-Voorzitterschap gepubliceerd.

De Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken


Brief d.d. 20 januari 1999 van Minister Fischer namens de EU aan President Milosevic

"Dear Mr. President!

I am writing to you on behalf of the European Union to set our position on the shocking events in Kosovo.

This massacre at Racak is unacceptable and has been publicly condemned by the European Union and other members of the International Community. Such atrocities rightly occasion a widespread feeling of revulsion. While such atrocities occur, it is inconceivable that there will be any improvement in relations between the FRY and Europe.

We know that there is fault too on the Kosovo Albanian side. We are in no doubt that the UCK too have breached the ceasefire, and are seeking to provoke your security forces. But that is no excuse whatsoever for mass killings of the kind carried out at Racak.

We are aware of your government's claim that those killed were members of the UCK. But that runs counter to the consistent reports we habe heard from KVM verifiers, and in any event would under no circumstances justify the executions of 45 unarmed individuals, including women and children, by the security forces. The pressing need is for independent investigation. We expect you to comply fully with the requirement of UNSCRs 1160, 1199, 1203 and 1207 with respect to cooperation with the ICTY.

The decision to expel Ambassador Walker is equally unacceptable. The KVM has plalyed a valuable role in reducing tensions in the region. It is simply wrong to suggest that KVM staff have not acted in an even-handed manner. As you know well, the KVM was instrumental in securing the release of members of the FRY security forces held hostage by the UCK. Your lack of cooperation with KVM is seriously undermining the prospect of achieving a negotiated political settlement acceptable to both sides.

We expect you to take the following immediate steps:

- rescind the decision tot declare KVM Chief of Mission William Walker persona non grata;

- ensure full compliance with the terms of the OCSE/FRY and NATO/FRY agreements, and all relevant Security Council resolutions;

- co-operate fully with KVM and ensure security of KVM staff;

- co-operate fully with the ICTY investigation of the Racak incident, in particular allowing the Chief Prosecutor Mrs. Arbour access to and freedom of movement in Kosovo, and similarly allow to the EU forensic mission to play its part in the investigation.

- ensure that those responsible for the Racak massacre are brought to justice. The names of those who participated in the killing and those under whose authority they acted must be immediately handed over to the ICTY.

- suspend the officers of the army and police units operating in Racak on 15 january while the murders are investigated;

- work constructively with the EU and the Contact Group's efforts to arrange face-to-face negotiations with the Kosovo Albanian leadership with direct international involvement in the near future.

The EU remains determined to work towards a durable negotiated settlement on Kosovo, together with other members of the international community and the parties concernerd. Its assistance programmes and its contribution to KDOM and KVM show that the EU is ready to underpin its words with deeds. A peaceful solution to the Kosovo problem is necessary and urgent for the sake of peace and stability in Europe. It would also pave the way for progress towards more normal relations between the EU and the FRY - a development we all want to see. Continued violence and defiance of the international community in Kosovo will merely deepen your isolation and lead to further measures by the international community.

Yours faithfully

sgd. Fischer."

Deel: ' Brief EU aan President Milosevic inzake Kosovo '

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