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The Hague, 11 March 2003

Dutch State raises 3 billion euros

Today, the Dutch State Treasury Agency re-opened its new 10 year DSL for the first time after its launch in January. The bond has a coupon of 4,25% and a maturity until 15 July 2013. A total of 2.980 billion euros of the bond was auctioned via the screens of MTS Amsterdam, taking the total outstanding amount to 6.4 billion euros. Today's average auction price was 102.80, which corresponds to a yield of 3.91%. Value and payment date is Friday, 14 March.

For the present issue as well as for future issues, a non-comp facility will be made available to all Primary Dealers for a period of three days after closure of the issue. The facility is capped at 15% of the volume issued at the initial auction. For up-to-date figures of outstanding amounts per bond please consult our website. <>.

Spokesman: William Lelieveldt (0622-929252)


Deel: ' Dutch State raises 3 billion euros '

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