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12 Apr 1999 Eerste buitenlandse hoekmansbedrijf op AEX-Effectenbeurs

Het Amerikaanse bedrijf Susquehanna start vandaag als hoekman op de effectenbeurs van Amsterdam Exchanges. Susquehanna, waarvan het hoofdkantoor is gevestigd in Philidelphia, zal de markt onderhouden in meer dan 75 fondsen, waaronder de Koninklijke Nederlandsche Petroleum Maatschappij (Shell). Susquehanna is het eerste buitenlandse hoekmansbedrijf in de bijna 400-jarige historie van de Amsterdamse effectenhandel.

Bijlage: Profiel Susquehanna

Susquehanna Europe Inc.
The Susquehanna Group of companies began operations in 1987. Five original founding Managing Directors remain active in the day-to-day management and operations of the firm. Through various operating companies, each of which is owned directly or indirectly by companies owned by these five founders, Susquehanna has become one of the leading arbitrage trading and, market-margin firms in many of the world's equity, fixed income, options and futures markets, regularly conducting business in the US, European, Asian and select emerging markets. Susquehanna has grown to over 500 employees with its headquarters located in the Philadelphia suburbs and offices in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Amsterdam - The Netherlands, and Sydney - Australia. It has also formed a strategic alliance with the Bank of New York operating in New York, London and Tokyo.

The Susquehanna Group companies, either directly through its strategic alliances:

· Participate in approximately 2 % of the NYSE volume · Account for roughly 8 % of the U.S. Options Clearing Corporation trading volume
· Rank among the global market leaders in proprietary index arbitrage · Are an acknowledged leader in trading listed and over-the-counter currency and fixed income derivatives
· Handle over 370 U.S. listed equity and index option specialist books · Actively participate in the fixed income securities and derivatives market on a daily basis
· Are actively engaged in the U.S. market for institutional Private Placements
· Engage in corporate equity underwriting and institutional brokerage · Serve as NYSE Equity Specialists
· Develop proprietary leading-edge technology to support global trading and risk management, and
· Conduct extensive state-of-the-art training programs for traders

Susquehanna recently formed Susquehanna Europe Inc. For the purpose of trading listed European equity and index derivatives, stock and other products. Currently, a subsidiary of this entity has market-makers on the Option and Futures Market of Amsterdam Exchanges trading equity and index options with immediate plans to expand to the electronic option exchanges in Europe. Another of its subsidiaries intends to immediately become a Hoekman and trade on the Stock Market of Amsterdam Exchanges.

Susquehanna has also established an Australian Broker/Dealer, Susquehanna Pacific Pty Limited, for the purpose of trading Australian equity and index derivatives, stock and other products. Susquehanna Pacific is a member of the Sydney Stock Exchange and Sydney Futures Exchange. Our Web Site is

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